Compare, choose the price and the nature of the form of google seo, facebook seo, google adword, facebook ad

Compare google seo, seo facebook, google adword, facebook adv.
A. The nature of the above forms.

1. Seo google is a form of using the methods of optimizing a website, linking to a page, ... to increase the index for the site from which the search will rank high with the given keyword. .

2. Seo facebook is a form of increase like, boosting article activity that helps posts are rated well and shown more.

3. google ad is the form of pay for google ads to make your site top or appear on the site in the google network.

4. Facebook ad is the form of payment for facebook to promote the display of his article more.

In the four forms only google and facebook seo is at risk if google is detected by google that the behavior is seo you can reduce the index, depending on the level can be locked.

B. Compare the level of effectiveness.

1. Display

Also adword is displayed on the website display google display network google (google display network) has large sites such as: youtube, 24h, zing ...

Web sites running adwords will be displayed in the first four positions on Google, followed by 10 positions of the website SEO Google.

Facebook ad and facebook show ads on News Feed are content in the middle column of your Facebook homepage. And in the future may show at the messager.

Vị trí quảng cáo facebook xuất hiện

2. Ad appearing time

With Adwords, no matter how bad your site is, just pay it right on Google.

With Google SEO, you need to make the effort to be top, including:

Standard display on mobile devices
The article is rich and not copied from other sources
Be recognized by many sites and link to.
Often expected with keywords difficult to reach about 4 months with new website to the top.

With Facebook ad will show on News Feed appear always and depending on the price that show more or less.

And Facebook Seo is also displayed as Facebook ad

3. Ability to click on ads.

Although it's first appeared, it does not guarantee that many websites are running Adwords, as some people tend to ignore the sites they know as ads.

Not to mention the case, opponents or clickers stroking your ads, causing you to lose money, but no more customers.

Google SEO takes time and effort. But in return, when the website shows up on the front page with SEO goole, it is natural and appreciated by users.

Facebook ad: Only show ads on facebook page, but facebook has a large number of users, ads on the faceboook you should also try.

However, this index mainly affects the seo google and seo facebook, while facebook ad and google ad click depending on the amount of advertising money.

4. Targeting

Ads on google ad and google seo: based on the keyword search or the content of the website landing page to display ads. and based on the essential needs of users searching on google

Facebook ads and seo facebook: based on interests, age, gender ... of facebook users to show ads.

About google ad targeting and google seo have more advantages

5. Coverage

Ads adwords google: There are almost sites, blogs have registered as advertising partners google display network (google display network) has large sites such as: youtube, 24h, zing ... and advertising adwords google or advertising Google's search network here is an advantage of advertising on google

Advertising facebook: Only show ads on the facebook page, but facebook has a large number of users, ads on the faceboook you should also try.

Seo google only shows up in search.

6. Branding

Ads by google (seo + google ad): through click on the user ads will lead to the landing page of your website, so to increase the volume of sales conversion brings you the best website optimization. . If the optimization is not good will make users lose confidence and increase the bounce rate for the website, reducing the ranking of the website on the google search engine.

Advertising facebook: Based on the spread of the world's largest social network, users see ads appear more often, and with the previous interaction of the user, so new customers have decided to click. Check out the fanpage or website for the purchase. As a result, landing page quality in faceboo ads is decreasing. So when you are not ready for your website then you should choose this form of advertising because the landing page of the website does not decide the conversion.

7. Advertising costs

With Adwords running out of money is out of date. When a user clicks on your website, you will be deducted for a fee. The money is calculated by the number of clicks.

With google SEO, conversely, money is calculated by the number of keywords. When the keyword on the top you will have to pay for the SEO, but in return, how many people click. The more clicks you get, the better. At that time the website was well appreciated and there were more contacts to buy.

Seo facebook is running out of money like no change should still be effective

Adword and facbook ad Both forms of advertising for two types of ads are CPC (click-through) and CPM (by impression). In terms of costs, google ads cost more than a click, but adwords google adwords based on the needs of users search on google should bring high efficiency compared to the click on. website of advertising on facebook.


1. Google ad:

1. Google Adwords Price List By monthly package

Please select keywords and send us the keywords to get the best package price

Reference price:

2. Bảng Giá Quảng Cáo Google Adwords theo click

Quý khách vui lòng nhắn bộ từ khóa và vị trí muốn hiển thị  chúng tôi báo giá ưu đãi nhất. Giá Chỉ: 1.600 Đ/Click

3. Bảng Giá Quảng Cáo Google Adwords Tính Theo Phí Quản Lý:







Ngân sách/ Tháng

< 10 Triệu

< 30 Triệu

< 50 Triệu

< 100 Triệu

> 200 Triệu

SốTừ Khóa

Không giới hạn

Không giới hạn

Không giới hạn

Không giới hạn

Không giới hạn

Số Mẫu


Quảng Cáo

Không giới hạn

Không giới hạn

Không giới hạn

Không giới hạn

Không giới hạn

Phí DịchVụ






Placements showing keywords supported by Google Ads:

+ TOP 4 POSITION: High bid but high customer reach and eye-catching display location.

Không có văn bản thay thế tự động nào.

Position displayed with TOP 4 - 4 first position with [QC] first line

Display position TOP 7: Competitive bid but no higher than TOP 4 position, high accessibility due to search habits of viewers.

2. Google Seo:

Depending on the number of keywords and the difficulty of the keyword, we give you a specific price.

However, usually every keyword will fall to about 4 million per month

3. Facebook ad:

Gói Dịch Vụ Chi phí (VNĐ) Vị Trí Báo Cáo Khởi Tạo Chi Phí / 1 Click Số Click/tháng
Gói FB 1 3 Triệu Đề xuất Theo Tuần Miễn phí 900 đ 3.300 Click
Gói FB 2 4 Triệu Đề xuất Theo Tuần Miễn phí 800 đ 5.000 Click
Gói FB 3 8 Triệu Đề xuất Theo Tuần Miễn phí 700 đ 11.500 Click
Gói FB 4 15 Triệu Đề xuất Theo Tuần Miễn phí 650 đ 23.000 Click
Gói FB 5 30 Triệu Đề xuất Theo Tuần Miễn phí 600 đ 50.000 Click

4. Seo facebook

Increase 5,000 guests likes: price 50$ / page
Increase 10,000 guests likes: price 100$ / page
Increase 20,000 likes: price 200$ / fanpage
Increase 30,000 likes: price 300$ / page
10,000+ followers: 2 million
Increase 20,000 followers: 3.5 million
Increase 30,000 followers: 5 million

Depending on the requirements that we choose to suit the purpose. However, according to our evaluation to be effective with the company has a website that is very low or new build should choose google ad, if the website has the target keyword in the top 15-> 20 you should choose SEO to reduce costs but still achieve efficiency

Compare, choose the price and the nature of the form of google seo, facebook seo, google adword, facebook ad